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Zone-Out! Donutting on Fri 3rd January 10.15am

Zone-Out! Donutting on Fri 3rd January 10.15am


Fun on the slope!
Hard work climbing the hill but worth it for the thrill of whooshing down in the donut.

  • Details

    Place: Alpine Snowsports, Gallwey Road, Aldershot, GU11 2DD
    Date: Friday 3rd January 2020
    Time: arrive at 10.15am, on the slope at 10.30am till 11.30am
    Cost: £8 per person going down the slope!
    Age: minimum age is 4yrs, adults are welcome to join the fun too.
    Long sleeves, trousers & gloves must be worn for safety.

    Gloves may be available for purchase from the shop if necessary
    Those under 17yrs must wear a helmet (this can be their own one or the centre have plenty to choose from.)
    We have the whole donutting slope just for The-Zone!

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